Who is Kara Kutu?




One rainy cold swedish winter, baris met amanda... amanda met sally... sally met baris... and they decided to make films together. These were some strange films that saddled the line between fiction and documentary...


With a touch of passion for art, curiosity towards life and larger than life ideals, Filmtrolley was born in 2010. And it still goes on its route since then... discovering new stops on its way.







Studio InterAlter is an viaduct for film and media. We work with film productions as well as art events that incorporate artistic quality and interdisciplinarity.


Here the borders of genres, art forms and subject matters are being challenged and explored.






A freelance photographer, filmmaker and artist who is internationally orientated, with the main base in Malmö.


But still, the landscapes of Värmland, where she was born and raised, continue to be the source of inspiration in her proffesional work until this day.